• Custom Cake Ordering Guide

    *we have pre-made vegan & dairy ice cream cakes available at our Downtown Orlando location, available first come first serve. Shapes, sizes, and prices vary ranging from $33 - $41. The ordering guide below is for custom cakes. If you're looking for a regular cake with no ice cream, please email us. *


    Celebrate the victories in life with a handmade ice cream cake!

    • Pick up required. Unless otherwise noted for Sanford pick up, the pick ups are at our Downtown Orlando location at 420 E Church Street. Sanford pick ups must give 5 days notice.
    • 3- 5 full days notice needed. If there is a rush order, please email us first at production@thegreenerycreamery.com and we will do our best to accommodate. 
    • Once this form is filled out, we will email a confirmation along with the appropriate invoice. The invoice needs to be paid in full prior to pick-up.

    SIZE ONE Heart shaped cakes are approximately 5.75" across and 3" tall. Feeds 4-6 people. $35
    SIZE TWO Ice cream cakes are 6" inches across by 3" tall. Feeds 6-8 people. $45
    SIZE THREE Sponge cake and ice cream cakes are 6" across by 5" to 6" tall. Feeds 8-10 people. $55

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