• Holiday Flavors

    (v) vegan option available with coconut cream base

    butter pecan

    sweet cream with rich, brown butter + frosted pecans

    gingerbread (v)

    molasses + brown sugar + cloves + nutmeg


    homemade spiced eggnog + rum

    mint oreo (v)

    Sweet cream steeped with garden fresh mint and loaded with Oreos

    peppermint mocha

    chocolate + kiss of espresso + peppermint candy

    pumpkin spice (v)

    sweet cream + pumpkin with a touch of spice

    pumpkin cheesecake

    pumpkin with a touch of spice + hearty goat cheese


    cookie butter + hint of bourbon

    sweet potato pie

    sweet potato with a touch of spice + kiss of maple syrup + fluffy marshmallow swirl

    cranberry sorbet (v)

    white cranberry + red cranberry

    raspberry lambic sorbet (v)

    tart raspberries + framboise lambic beer. Sorry kids, 21+ only.

    maple pecan (v)

    sweet maple ice cream + frosted pecans

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