Tickets: The Greenery Creamery x Orlandough Collaboration November 16 (Saturday)
0.75 - 6.50
Check out the donut pairing descriptions below. Ice cream flavors can be switched for a different ice cream flavor. Each pairing or sandwich is $6.50. Please ask us any questions about allergens or gluten sensitivities, but allergens are listed below.

Pairings and sandwiches can be picked up anytime between 1 and 9 pm.
Coming soon
Coming soon
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Event @ The Greenery Creamery from 1 to 9pm @ The Greenery Creamery
Address: 420 E Church St, Unit 112
Free parking on the south side of the building (Retail Parking, Mariposa Street)
No refunds are possible for donut and ice cream pairings and sandwiches. You may switch your ice cream flavor! Please note that our facility processes dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, tree nuts and peanuts.
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