Tickets: The Greenery Creamery x Orlandough Collaboration December 12th
$0.75 - $6.50
Wednesday, December 12th from 7 - 9 pm
At The Greenery Creamery
Holiday donuts and ice cream for holiday cheer!

Vegan Donuts Ice Cream Pairings
Peppermint Mint Chip
Peppermint Cocoa ice cream bedazzled with vegan marshmallows on a Mint Chip donut
(contains gluten, soy, coconut)

Gingerbread ice cream on a Caramel Glazed donut
(contains gluten, soy, coconut)

Hazelnut and Maple
Hazelnut Praline on a Maple Pecan donut
(contains gluten, nuts, soy, coconut)

Apple Pie
Cinnamon Apple on a Cardamom Sugar Rolled Donut
(contains gluten, soy, coconut)
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$0.75 - $6.50
Product Options
1. Peppermint Cocoa with Mint Chip
2. Gingerbread with Caramel Glazed
3. Hazelnut Praline with Maple Pecan
4. Cinnamon Apple with Cardamom Sugar
Toppings for donut pairings
Coming soon
More Details
Event @ The Greenery Creamery from 7 to 9pm on December 12th
Address: 420 E Church St, Unit 112
Free parking on the south side of the building (Retail Parking) and free street parking after 6 pm
No refunds are possible for donut and ice cream pairings. You may switch your ice cream flavor. 
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