Special Father's Day Cakes
Special Father's Day Cakes
40.00 - 50.00
Pink N Spice & Everything Nice (V) Feeds 8-10
Pink vanilla sponge cake layered with strawberry ice cream, cream cheese frosting, and unicorn sprankles.

Chocolate Guinness (D) Feeds 8-10
Chocolate sponge cake layered with Guinness Stout ice cream, chocolate malt buttercream, and topped with your choice of Oreo crumbles or chocolate sprankles.

Cookie Monster Cake (D) Feeds 6- 8
A cookies and cream ice cream in a fun blue color. Chocolate cake bottom.

PB Chocolate Chip Cake (V) Feeds 6- 8
A peanut butter ice cream with Enjoy Life chocolate chips and a chocolate cake bottom.
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